Aqua fitness benefits to health

We know that swimming is one of the most complete exercise for the body. However, there are many forms of water exercises and today we’ll talk about one that has taken great interest by thousands of people in the world: the aqua fitness. Therefore, I propose that we see what the benefits of aqua fitness health are.

What is the aqua fitness?
It has been called aqua fitness or water aerobics is that the technique is actually much simpler than it seems: it is aerobics in pools with low water levels.

Usually, people who practice aqua fitness spend more energy than aerobic sessions practicing normal and this is due to the water resistance generated when performing movements with speed. However, that same cause prevents the muscles from tightening and allows us to prevent overuse injuries.

Reasons for aqua fitness
Generally aqua fitness sessions are made by a coach who leads the group. Unlike other competitive disciplines this is not about putting your best and follows the instructions. The music for exercise is a stimulant added worth to consider.

Suitable for people of all ages
Anyone can practice aqua fitness. Although it is common to see elderly. The truth is that anyone can join a group with people of your age and if you start early, likely won’t be a senior in aqua fitness.

It increases endurance
As we have said work underwater delivered many more benefits and among them is increasing physical endurance and strength of your muscles, which in turn results in an optimal metabolism. Surely, when you have to practice a regular exercise, your muscles respond better because they are not subjected to water pressure. In addition, one of the advantages of practicing aqua fitness is that it provides less risk of injury to muscles and joints.

Reduces pain
On the other hand include aqua fitness has taken the most popular among people who have health problems such as arthritis, back pain or injury to soft tissues and joints; they begin to notice an improvement after a couple of sessions. So if this is your case, do not want to miss the benefits of aqua fitness.

Helps burn calories
Another reason why you should do aqua fitness is because it is an effective way to burn calories: in one class hour can burn 400 to 500 calories. It always depends on the intensity of your movements and discipline.

Now that you know the benefits of aqua fitness health to be time you found the right place to start exercising in the first weeks. Furthermore, if you are pregnant or overweight this can be a special technique ideal for exercise during pregnancy without difficulties or to lose weight safely.

Have you done aqua fitness? How’s the experience?

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