Home Remedies For Instant Relief From Heartburn

Heartburn is the common problem people face due to eating disorders. People are neglecting their health for their desire to earn money. They would spend money on medication than sticking to healthy eating habits. However, home made remedies for heartburn can be quite effective as well. You need not spend on expensive medicines and get addicted to them.

Moreover, these OTC medicines also have harmful side effects that can be avoided if one uses home made remedies. In addition, home made remedies offer natural, convenient and instant relief from the heartburn problem.

Following are a few home made remedies that may prove effective against heartburn problem. These home remedies are easy to procure. These remedies do not pose any threat to the body. They are a natural method to calm the gut. Unlike OTC medication, this natural remedy has superior healing properties.

Aloe Vera Juice Intake
Aloe Vera also known as Aloe has tremendous medicinal values. The foremost benefit is it soothes burns, as well as heartburns. The aloe vera juice can soothe any kind of irritation both internally and externally. Its ability to fight off inflammation makes it the best possible remedy against heartburn.

The dosage has to be optimum, one half cup of aloe vera juice before meals. Excess of aloe vera can make your bowel loose. It has laxative effects hence, it should be taken as a cure only. Ensure to look for aloe vera products that are free of laxative component.

Baking Soda Water Mixture
Another best home made remedy is the use of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. Several people intake baking soda as it provides them instant relief. Sodium bicarbonate is basic by nature and as a matter of course neutralizes acid.

The recommended dosage is half to one teaspoon of baking soda in one glass of water. This mixture will ease your uneasiness. However, excess usage of baking soda can result in swelling and nausea. It contains excess of salt hence, it should not be taken as the chief remedy against heartburn.

Use Of Licorice
Excess usage of antacids are not recommended as the primary contents of the stomach are acidic in nature. Chewing licorice is a better solution against heartburn. Its natural healing abilities make it a popular choice amongst the people. Licorice should also be used moderately similar to baking soda potion. Excess chewing of licorice may cause hypertension and edema.

Chewing Gum
Chewing a gum can offer relief to the people suffering from GERD. The building up of acid is neutralized by chewing a sugar free gum. The formation of saliva washes away the excess acid thus giving you relief from heartburn and improving symptoms of GERD. Chew a sugar free gum for half an hour after your meal to stimulate better results.

Eating A Banana
Eating fresh as well as dried bananas can calm the inflammation in the stomach. Bananas are natural antacids that provide relief from stomach aches and disorders. It is one of the amazing and natural ways to keep the heartburn at bay.

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