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What good is vitamin B12
vitamin B12Few know what it is for vitamin B12 , however, if not for her, we would not have so much energy every day. Without a doubt, the key to a healthy life is a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients needed for day to day. So today we would like to explain the benefits of vitamin B12 and what foods you can find.

Benefits of Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is known to have a crucial role in energy and red blood cell production, so it is particularly suitable for those suffering from pernicious anemia. It helps the growth and fight aging , and is often used to increase metabolism, so that we can consume high doses of vitamin B12 for weight loss-as long as we also do diet and exercise.

It is also important when producing neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, found at low levels in people with depression, so that B12 can be used to improve symptoms.

And not only that, the vitamin B12 is responsible for myelin, a fatty material that covers the nerves and helps to better convey electrical impulses between nerve cells in the body. Thus, not only have a healthy body, but a mind with greater mental and emotional stability proper.

This vitamin also reduces homocysteine levels, cause in many cases of heart disease .

In general, the body generates small amounts of vitamin B12, and it is important to consume outside elements for daily necessary amount. Vitamin B12 is water soluble, so that a higher dose can be easily removed from the urine, without further risks for our health.

Foods with B12

Vitamin B12 is found mainly in animal foods, so for vegetarians is usually very difficult to consume foods with B12 deficiency and usually have it. The important thing in these cases is to take a vitamin supplement to get adequate doses of the same. Some foods with this vitamin are:

Clams, oysters and mussels are rich in vitamin B12. Can be cooked in many ways, and also have zinc , copper and iron, also beneficial for our health.

The liver is another source of vitamin B12 very beneficial, especially the liver of lamb, beef, veal, elk, turkey, duck and goose. Liver pate not only mean, but has a lot of delicious preparations with onions or herbs.

This delicious dish can not be eaten every day, for its price and because generally only used for snacks. However, if we have the chance to consume, we must not waste it, because it has high doses of vitamin B12.

In addition to vitamin B12, fish offers omega-3 fatty acids and a high protein, so it must be included in any healthy diet.The mackerel have the highest levels of this vitamin.

Crab and lobster
We continue with the seafood , although these are more difficult to eat than fish. Steamed, baked or in soup, always a fine choice.

Beef is a food rich in vitamin B12 for excellence and consumed throughout the world. Red meat also gives us protein, zinc and iron. Depending on the cut of meat, find a greater or less proportion of vitamin B12. The truth is that we must eat meat in adequate amounts, as too much can cause health problems such as high cholesterol or high levels of uric acid .

Cheese and eggs
The cheese has riboflavin (vitamin B12), calcium and protein, although we consume in moderation, as it has high doses of fat. Swiss cheese has the highest doses of this vitamin. On the other hand, the egg yolk contains the highest amount of vitamin B12, but also depends on the type of egg the amount you find.

Now that you know what it is for vitamin B12, it’s time to ask yourself in your diet: consume enough vitamin B12? Do you take vitamin supplements ? Leave a comment to discuss this issue together.

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